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The Patrimonio Comune Foundation

The Patrimonio Comune Foundation was set up to implement the ANCI Project “Common real estate holdings” and to enable a center of expertise at national level.
The Foundation is dedicated to support Italian municipalities on every issue related to real estate valorization, helping at the same time to develop and spread the culture of using and actively managing the assets owned by Local Authorities.
The main objectives of the Foundation are:
• initiate processes of regeneration and urban development, enhancing public real estate
• improve the negotiating capacity of Local Authorities
• promotes co-operation between public and private
• disseminate good practices by strengthening the culture of "doing"
• create and sustain opportunities for partnerships between different actors (public and private)
• increase the value of the assets
• identify sources of funding for projects
Following are the main activities of the Foundation:
• coordinating the disposal process and enhancement of public buildings
• coordination of the process of "federal state property"
• research and identifying private partners (shareholders, directors, managers, investors, etc.)
• pursuit and implementation of public and private funding sources
• engineering of the processes of asset valorization
- Assembly of complex operations (public-public and public-private partnerships)
- Identification of the vehicle design (Real Estate Fund, STU, Project Finance, Grant, etc.)
- Feasibility studies, risk analysis, business and financial plans
- Coding of administrative internal and external
- Assistance in tendering and selection of partners
The Patrimonio Comune Foundation has signed several agreements and arrangements with partners of primary importance offering to the municipalities-members the opportunity to contact, and collaborate in a consolidated circuit of active subjects in real estate development and PPP (private public partnership). Among them: Deposits and Loans Fund, State Property Agency, the National Board of Surveyors, Groma, Italian Surveyors Foundation, Cipag, EPPI, Nomisma, Nai Italy, Acer, Daily Re.
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